Sunday, 23 September 2018

British Wild Birds

My first envelope transformation.

Vintage UK first day covers are often so beautiful - the stamps are miniature works of art. When I saw this one on a market stall I just knew I wanted to add my stitching to it.

A design came to me quickly - I imagined a tree curving round the side of the envelope, filled with birds. But how to create that tree? I was staying with my daughter, miles away from most of my stitching stash, but a parcel had arrived that morning, tied with jute string.... 💡an idea was born!💡

This was my first tree: proof that Necessity really is the Mother of Invention! And the formula has been refined and repeated many times since.

There are so many details in this piece that I had fun with - the woven bird’s nest, the toadstools, the spider web in the tree trunk. Just don’t look too closely at my woodpecker - not my finest piece of stitching!

The final detail I added was a quotation from a poem by William Blake. He’s my favourite poet, and his Songs of Innocence and of Experience have long been special to me, so a brief couplet from Spring was perfect to handwrite on to the envelope. Not only was British Wild Birds my first envelope transformation, it was the first piece I posted on to my new Facebook page in 2016, and it sold immediately. It had been an experiment - but it proved to be a success!


  1. Wow congratulations Sue I love your new Blog What a beautiful piece to open up with
    Lovely to read how it evolved I’ll be following avidly xxx

    1. Thanks Christina! Delighted you’ve found your way here! xx

  2. Nothing wrong with that woodpecker!

    1. Hm! Thanks for the confidence boost Derrick, but he’ll always look a weird one to me!!

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