Tuesday, 11 September 2018

10 Random Facts about Me


Well here I am, writing my very first blog 😮

I asked my daughter what she thought would make a good topic, and she suggested:

10 Random Facts about Me

... so here goes ...
  1. I'm a proud Geordie, born and bred in Newcastle upon Tyne - though I've not lived there since the early 1970s. I still consider beautiful Northumberland my home county.
  2. I fell seriously in love with wild flowers aged twelve, when making a pressed flower collection was a summer holiday project set by my biology teacher. I've never lost that love, and part of me yearns to study botany properly.
  3. My middle finger, right hand is a little short, with a curvy damaged nail due to an accident involving a deckchair when I was five. I have a lasting fear of deckchairs.
  4. I have always enjoyed singing and performing - in my fantasy life, I'm an opera diva . . . or a musical theatre star . . . or a great Shakespearean actress . . .
  5. I can spend hours pottering on a beach looking for seashell treasure. Until recently I'd only keep perfect shells - now I search for ones with a hole, or that can be somehow sewn into my stitcheries.
  6. I'm an obsessive collector of stuff. Oddest thing I've collected? Back in the days before supermarkets, pieces of fruit came from the greengrocer individually wrapped in squares of tissue paper which often had the most beautiful designs on them - the grower's logo I suppose. Anyway I collected these - carefully ironed (cool iron!) and mounted those lovely central images. My granddaughter, at least, thinks this is bizarre.
  7. I'm a Francophile.
  8. I have earned a small collection of letters after my name . . . BA, MA, PGCE . . .
  9. I love the smell of coffee, but rarely drink it - tea is my cup of choice.
  10. I hate picking a favourite anything - so don't ask me what my favourite book / poet / confectionery / flower / band is - you'll always get a list!
If you read this far, your medal is in the post - actually no, I jest, but thanks for staying with me.

I'd love to hear any suggestions you have for future blog posts - just leave a comment or drop me an email.


  1. Nice to know a little more about you, Sue! Fruit tissue paper logos eh?!

    1. Honest to God, Derrick! I loved the ornate ones with gold bits!

  2. Found your blog via your Facebook giveaway post. I love your work! I've added you to the blogroll on my sidebar. :-)

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